Corporate Professionals

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Our Corporate Professionals are integral to our success, spanning roles across diverse disciplines such as Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Contracts, Information Technology (IT) and Corporate/Administrative Services.

Here are just a few of the many ways they use their specialized talents to contribute to GeoEngineers’ growth and success:

  • The Contract Administrator who reviews and negotiates client contracts to get projects off to an efficient start, while keeping an eye on contract compliance

  • The Project Coordinator who oversees complex project-related functions to ensure that client needs are met, the team stays on schedule and that technical reports, plans and other critical project deliverables are completed effectively

  • The Marketing Specialist who collaborates with technical professionals to strategize and prepare persuasive proposals, develop selling points, write and edit key proposal sections and lead final document preparation

  • The IT Team Member who leverages new and existing technologies to improve business productivity and increase GeoEngineers’ competitiveness

  • The HR Professional who provides strategic leadership to attract, develop and retain top talent while maximizing profitability

  • The Accounting Representative who ensures that employees, clients and service providers get paid

These Corporate Professionals don’t just work behind the scenes—they’re valuable members of our team!

If you are excited about the opportunity to partner with talented, industry-leading staff and make a difference with clients, consider joining our team today.

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