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Our Company

More than 30 years ago, GeoEngineers’ founders envisioned an employee-owned company of technical experts known for their integrity and strong client relationships. We have made good on our founders’ vision, earning a reputation as creative thinkers and trusted advisors who work in partnership with our clients on their most challenging projects.

Thanks to these enduring client bonds, GeoEngineers has grown from a small consulting partnership to a talented, multidisciplinary team of more than 360 people who work in 14 offices nationwide. Our record of success is evident in the more than 40,000 projects we’ve completed worldwide for a broad range of public and private clients. Explore our projects.

Our Expertise

Where your business needs are connected to the natural or built environment, we have unmatched expertise to support your projects. Our unique approach combines traditional earth science and engineering consulting services with state of the art technology solutions that help manage data and reduce risk.

Throughout our history, we have continually adapted to changing client needs by expanding our technical expertise. This includes initiatives such as GeoEngineers’ technology development team, which works closely with scientists and other subject-matter experts to build software solutions that help clients efficiently manage environmental data, meet reporting requirements and streamline their business processes.

Our People

Our staff is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the client organizations and communities we serve. Each employee has a highly developed specialty, whether they are an engineer, scientist, software developer or one of our other business professionals. This talent, combined with broad employee ownership and deeply held values of respect and trust, result in a remarkable team. We think you’ll agree. Meet our staff.


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