GeoEngineers works to achieve a healthy world by giving of our talents, financial resources and pro-bono services.
Tricia DeOme in neighborhood
GeoEngineers' shareholders honored environmental geologist Tricia DeOme, LG as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for her work to improve her Tacoma neighborhood.
University of California-Davis EWB team build a marketplace latrine
A GeoEngineers grant helped a University of California-Davis Engineers Without Borders team build a marketplace latrine for villagers in Nkokonjeru, Uganda.

At GeoEngineers, we use our scientific and technical skills to restore and preserve natural environments and to design the infrastructure that people need. We also contribute our time and money to enhance and support communities near our homes and across the globe.

A Generous Staff

In each of our 14 offices, our employees give to the causes and organizations that capture their interest and passions, contributing countless volunteer hours and financial support each year. Although the community involvement in each office varies, some common themes emerge.

Our staff:

  • Take leading roles in scientific and professional organizations that focus on strengthening communities
  • Teach and serve in schools, colleges and technical programs to help students meet educational goals
  • Support community organizations that are part of the social safety net
  • Aid disaster relief and community-development efforts around the world
  • Work to preserve wilderness areas and
    other scenic places

An Engaged Company

GeoEngineers' corporate-giving campaigns underscore the professional, community, education and conservation causes that matter most to our staff:

  • United Way — GeoEngineers sponsors United Way annual workplace giving campaigns and matches a portion of staff contributions to the many community organizations that rely on this essential funding. Through United Way, our staff supports dozens of groups and causes.
  • College Scholarships — Each year GeoEngineers funds scholarships for aspiring engineers and scientists studying at universities near our offices, nationwide.
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust — GeoEngineers contributes volunteers, funding and pro-bono services to the Greenway Trust, which is working to ensure a sustained landscape for the 23 Greenway cities that stretch from Central Washington, over the Cascade Mountains and into Seattle, home of GeoEngineers' headquarters.


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