An understanding of how soil, rock and water interact is the foundation for all our services.
Slope stabilization analysis, such as this recent project in Seattle, is one of the many geologic services GeoEngineers provides.

A deep understanding of geology provides a foundation for many of GeoEngineers’ services. 
We apply our knowledge of subsurface conditions and processes to a wide range of challenges, helping clients mitigate risk, maximize return on investment and enhance natural systems.

Our services include:

  • Slope stability, landslide, erosion control mapping and analyses

  • Earthquake/seismic analysis coupled with property and casualty loss simulations

  • Mining facility development and cleanup action support

  • Ground source heat pump practice focused on energy efficiency and achieving LEED credential

  • Low-impact development, zero discharge innovation and natural system enhancement

  • Rainwater catchment and stormwater reuse planning

  • Shoreline and river channel erosion analysis

  • Soil, rock and groundwater control assessments