We offer a complete and integrated set of services for clients looking to harness, transport and market energy products anywhere on earth.

GeoEngineers has completed more than 3,000 energy projects around the world—from oil and gas in Russia and central Asia, to electrical utilities in North America, to pipelines in the Caribbean and beyond. We offer a complete and integrated set of services for clients looking to harness, transport and market energy products anywhere on earth.

Electrical Utilities

Safe and reliable power: consumers demand it and electrical utilities are charged with delivering it. GeoEngineers simplifies the earth science and technology concerns of both investor-owned and public utilities so that managers spend more time delivering safe and reliable power to their customers and less time dealing with the impacts of regulatory requirements and the earth’s natural forces.

We understand the scientific and technological challenges the electrical utility industry faces. Our team provides geoscience, environmental, geotechnical engineering and technology consulting to help utilities maximize their investment, fulfill regulatory requirements and mitigate risk. From planning to compliance, environmental remediation to design/construction, GeoEngineers can help.

Oil and Gas

The products of oil and gas industry power the world. It is a complex industry where regulations, natural resources and market forces converge. GeoEngineers helps our clients navigate the challenges by supporting their efforts to locate, extract, refine, transport and distribute these natural resources.

Our staff consists of experts in earth sciences and engineering. Special expertise in trenchless design and Information Technology/GIS help us efficiently deliver results for onshore infrastructure development, feasibility studies, mapping and modeling, design and logistical support. We also support the industry with regulatory compliance and environmental risk management. Our projects have taken us around the world, and with 13 offices to support our teams, we can mobilize quickly.


Throughout the world, pipelines are an established necessity, transporting precious cargo to power industries and providing expected human amenities. The correct design, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of pipeline networks are critical to their successful use. GeoEngineers understands the unique challenges of pipeline design and construction and has applied our expertise to projects on land and at sea throughout North and South America, Africa and Asia.

We offer an integrated suite of services to benefit clients and end users ranging from planning, to design and construction, to ongoing operation and maintenance. Specific services include horizontal directional drilling (HDD) design, extensive GIS capabilities, permitting support, geotechnical engineering, pipeline integrity studies, risk management and route selection and design. Wherever your pipelines take your company, GeoEngineers has the real-world experience and technical excellence to make your project a success.


Around the world, companies and governments have invested heavily in renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, tidal and geothermal. GeoEngineers provides a high level of support for the planning, design and harnessing of these energy sources.

For these industries, GeoEngineers provides geotechnical design, planning and permitting, compliance and environmental services that support the successful use of property and natural resources. GIS and web-based data/project management methods enhance our services and add efficiency and value.

Whatever the energy source, GeoEngineers can help companies harness it, bring it to market and ensure its long-term availability.