GeoEngineers offers our federal clients the depth of service that only experienced technical experts can provide.

Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Navy, US Forest Service, FAA and other agencies. Our public service clients know they can count on us to deliver an integrated suite of environmental, geotechnical, water resources, GIS and other specialty services, for optimal technical solutions to their land management, transportation and defense agency issues.

Defense Agencies

GeoEngineers works closely with our defense agency clients to fully understand their requirements and expectations. Our registered civil and environmental engineers, geologists and natural resource specialists support A/E design firms and design-build contractors with military housing, industrial, utility and near/offshore facilities projects, including environmental site investigation, cleanup/remediation and long-term system operations and maintenance.

Land Management Agencies

The federal government owns or manages vast tracts of land and natural resources across the United States. Multiple agency jurisdictions and regulatory oversight demand technical expertise in managing these assets. GeoEngineers’ natural resource specialists stand ready to contribute this expertise, performing biological assessments, NEPA documentation and permitting, ecological restorations, water resource analysis, environmental assessments and more.


When we’re on the teams that build our nation’s airports, highways and other transportation infrastructure, GeoEngineers’ staff combines the latest technical knowledge with sharp business savvy. Our experience has contributed to the success of major transportation projects across the country. Agencies call on us for geotechnical seismic design, environmental regulatory compliance and policy/procedure documentation projects. They realize we’ll give them results they can use to meet the public’s needs.