Meet Bert Pschunder, PE
Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Slope stability evaluation
Deep foundation design
Shallow foundation design
Soft ground engineering
Technical training

Redmond, WA


At GeoEngineers, Bert provides direction and management for geotechnical engineering projects, including coordinating field logistics, laboratory testing, technical analysis and report writing. He also trains and mentors new and younger technical employees in the basics of field, laboratory and other technical procedures. Bert explains, “My goal is to help others be successful in what they do while at GeoEngineers.”

Bert finds satisfaction in developing win-win solutions to clients’ difficult or challenging projects, and he appreciates the teamwork that comes with the job. “I value long-standing internal and client relationships that are team-oriented,” Bert reflects, “where the satisfaction realized is not only monetary, but also from the good will generated by working together on a successfully completed project.”

When Bert is out enjoying outdoor recreation and travel, he still looks at the world from earth science and engineering perspectives. He says, “It’s interesting to observe and learn about the geology of different regions of North America and countries around the world. I’m also curious how geotechnical construction is done in other countries, particularly central Europe.”

The longtime endurance athlete engages in distance running, cross-country ski racing and touring. He volunteers as an English teacher, works with Habitat for Humanity and participates in various church ministries. Bert also plays and teaches the hammered dulcimer, a stringed folk instrument.