Meet Brett Larabee, PE
Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering

Tacoma, WA


With Brett’s love of dirt and being outside, he says his clear choice of specialty within civil engineering was geotechnical. Brett earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Montana State University in 2010 and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering at the end of 2011.

After interning at GeoEngineers in 2011, Brett was invited to join the staff as a geotechnical engineer.

During his internship in the Tacoma office, Brett’s engineering activities included visiting project sites and sampling soils to determine subsurface conditions and properties. He built and ran computer models to determine characteristics such as pile capacity, slope stability, and foundation-bearing capacity and tested soils in the Tacoma laboratory to classify them and determine basic soil properties.

Asked why he pursued a GeoEngineers internship, Bret recounts, “I really wanted to get some experience at a geotechnical-specific firm before I graduated from UW. This internship was close to Seattle, and GeoEngineers has a strong reputation in this area. The job looked fun and I wanted to be outside in Washington while it’s not raining!”

Brett says he gained from his internship experience: “The engineers I have worked with here are very professional, hard-working and excellent at what they do. On top of that, they have been extremely patient and enthusiastic in helping me learn the ways of the geotech, giving me a strong foundation on which to start my career.”

In his free time, the outdoor enthusiast enjoys being waist-deep in powder, hunting for large trout in remote lakes, having swan-diving competitions with friends and sipping tasty new beers. Brett also has a good time looking at rocks, dirt and plants when he is out fishing.” I have a passion for being around and working with and natural materials,” he reveals.