Meet Chip Barnett, LG, LEG
Senior Geologist

Landslide investigation
Stormwater design
Corridor evaluation for transmission and pipelines
Construction monitoring

Redmond, WA


"I intially thought I liked earth sciences and technology because it might take me away from people," Chip says. "Instead, I quickly discovered that I enjoy helping people understand how technology and earth science are applied to help their projects reach desired goals."

Chip is a project manager and geologist who works on projects in all of GeoEngineers' markets. "I work for great clients and with great people on interesting projects," he says. An example of that is the innovative drainage design for the synthetic turf field soccer field at Preston Park in Washington state that saved King County more than $200,000.

Asked what he likes about GeoEngineers, Chip says, "I've observed our company show a genuine capacity to care about and respond to clients and employees when life provides unexpected moments. GeoEngineers allows our people to pursue happiness in their personal lives and provides interesting projects."

Chip's geology-related activities don't end when the work day is over. He was recently elected as 2011-2013 Chair for the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) Washington State Section. “I feel a responsibility to give back to the professional organization that has provided me access to an incredible group of geologists, both at GeoEngineers and outside of the company," Chip says.

While Chip does enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and gardening, he says he spends most of his free time helping his wife raise their two sons. Chip enjoys gourmet meals, live music and sporting events, and reveals that he likes to sing loudly at home.


  • Chairperson, Association of Engineering Geologists - Washington Section, 2011-2013