Meet Craig Lund
Staff Geologist


Redmond, WA


Craig is a primary responder in our spills program, directing and supervising clean-up efforts in the event of petroleum contamination in soil or water. After serving eight years on active duty and four in the reserves for the U.S. Army, Craig is good at adapting and problem solving no matter the situation.

A recent graduate of Central Washington University, Craig says it’s his enjoyment of the outdoors and science that drew him to a career in geology. “I enjoy exploring new places, and this job requires that I do that on a regular basis,” he said. “I took this position because it has a good split between office work and outdoors, and allows me to see parts of the state I never knew existed.”

In his down time, Craig enjoys mountain biking, hiking, lifting weights and reading. When the weather permits, he also hopes to take up snowboarding, rock climbing and skydiving again, all hobbies from his Army days.