Meet Drew Sparks, PE
Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering
HDD and Direct Pipe® design and construction
Foundation design
Slope stability
Soil nail/tie-back wall

Salt Lake City, UT


Drew specializes in trenchless design and construction for pipelines. This includes consulting on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and Direct Pipe® projects. “I decided to become a geotechnical engineer in high school when a friend mentioned that his dad designed a retaining wall on a highway we were driving by. I discovered I could use math and science to solve real-life problems, and I was hooked,” Drew said.

Drew carries his love of problem solving into his career at GeoEngineers. He says his favorite part of the job is working on challenging and exciting projects that require innovative solutions. Having worked at GeoEngineers since 1998—first in Redmond, Washington, then in Springfield, Missouri, and now in Salt Lake City, Utah—Drew says he has many favorites among all the projects he’s done over the years. One in particular includes designing an innovative retaining wall system to prevent a condo from sliding into a lake. “The common thread working at GeoEngineers is the unity of focus and goal that we all have to provide the best service to our clients,” he says.

Drew spends most his extra time with his wife and four daughters. He loves being outdoors hiking, backpacking, trail running, mountain biking and adventure racing.


ACEC-Missouri Engineering Excellence Awards, Grand Award, Water Resources Category, 2010

Selected Presentations & Articles

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