Meet Emily Duncanson
Environmental Scientist

Critical areas delineation,
Nearshore habitat assessments,
Eelgrass restoration,
Phase 1 ESA

Seattle, WA


Emily is a permitting specialist for environmental projects in the Puget Sound region. From an early age, Emily was immersed in natural ecosystems. She spent time at Harstine Island in the Puget Sound with her family, exploring the beach and digging for clams.

“I still love spending time on the beach, turning over rocks (and putting them back) and seeing the creatures living in the sediment – just as I did when I was young. I was raised with a mindset of responsibility to protect the natural world around us and I wanted my career to be centered around that.”

Emily puts her knowledge of ecosystems, especially coastal and nearshore environments, to work as she helps us shepherd projects through the permitting process. She helps to evaluate any environmental impacts that our work might have, mitigate them, and keep both our clients and regulating agencies happy.

“What brings me joy is connecting with people and learning new things, and that’s something I get to do every day with all of my projects,” Emily says.

Emily’s commitment to the environment continues outside of work. She’s the volunteer coordinator of the Evanston P-Patch, the second oldest community garden in Seattle, and an avid gardener. She also loves to travel, both domestically and internationally, and if you’re lucky she might bake you a pie stuffed with homegrown fruit. Most weekends you’ll find Emily spending time with her family, cooking, camping and enjoying life.