Meet Emme Mayle
Staff Geologist

GIS, Hydrogeology, Sinkhole investigations, Statistical analysis



Emme is our mapping and sinkhole drainage specialist on the Springfield environmental team. She loves analyzing new geological challenges and creating the maps that point her team toward innovative solutions.

GeoEngineers got ahold of Emme early. She worked with Springfield Principal Geologist Gary Pendergrass while completing her master’s degree and was so impressed with GeoEngineers’ reputation throughout Missouri that she jumped at the chance to return after graduation.

“This is the only company I’ve ever even heard of where the people truly are what matters most,” Emme says. “The employees, the clients; everyone involved with GeoEngineers is treated as important.”

Since joining GeoEngineers full-time, Emme has particularly enjoyed sinkhole investigations. To calculate stormwater runoff for a sinkhole in Nixa, Missouri, Emme taught herself how to use a new piece of analytical software no one on the team had used before. Now the environmental team has a new technology in their toolbox to make future sinkhole investigations smoother and more cost efficient.

Emme has always loved spending time outdoors, whether professionally or personally. She’s a self-described “walker,” who enjoys setting off in a random direction and discovering things along the way. She can’t go a day without listening to music, enjoys watching football and hockey, and spends some of her free time volunteering at animal shelters. Each year Emme looks forward to her favorite holiday, Halloween. So much so that she begins planning in July!