Meet Evan Miller, EIT
Water Resources Engineer

Aquatic habitat evaluation
Water resources
Hydraulic modeling
Information systems

Boise, ID


Evan has worked for GeoEngineers in a variety of different roles over the last eight years. He began his career working in GeoEngineers’ Information Technology (IT) department, which introduced him to the field of civil engineering. He eventually left GeoEngineers to pursue a degree in civil engineering and later a master’s degree in water resource engineering from Washington State University. Evan recently rejoined GeoEngineers as a water resources engineer in GeoEngineers’ Boise office.

“I have a passion for designing and restoring rivers to their natural systems,” Evan expressed. “I want to be a part of the solution that re-establishes and enhances these systems and their surrounding environments.”

Evan is an accomplished guitarist as well as a mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, and hunting enthusiast. He admittedly has an adventurous spirit: “I enjoy the thrills of a twisty-turny road with a high performance German automobile, the serenity of cutting tracks through fresh powder and summiting high alpine peaks.”