Meet Galan McInelly, LG, LEG, LHG
Group Leader,
Principal Geologist

Engineering geology
Geologic hazards
Stream enhancement
Pipeline design support
EIS services
Slope stability

Redmond, WA


When Galan took his first geology class, he realized that he had always been interested in how the natural world came to be and the processes that created it. Today the principal engineering geologist and Earth Sciences Engineering group manager says his work at GeoEngineers is “all things geologic.” He and his project teams perform groundwater services, geohazards assessments and mitigation, pipeline and other linear corridor assessments, critical areas assessments, rock stabilization, environmental permitting and site characterization. “Whenever the goal is to protect the natural environment while helping to build and develop the elements society needs, problems arise. I like solving those problems,” Galan reflects.

During his more than two decades at GeoEngineers, Galan has been part of the company’s evolution and growth. He notes,“I’m proud of the quality of the products we deliver and the level of effort we provide to our clients.”

Galan prefers to be out of doors for both work and fun. The past ski instructor and ski patrol veteran continues to enjoy skiing. His other pursuits include hunting, fishing, climbing and spending time with friends.

Selected Presentations & Articles

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