Meet Joseph Stolle, PE
Senior Environmental Engineer

Air dispersion modeling
Air emission calculations
Air control technology analyses
Air permitting
Regulator compliance

Springfield, MO


Joe is one of our in-house experts on air pollutants and emissions regulation, especially for the industrial market. He uses sophisticated modeling techniques to estimate emissions from industrial and manufacturing facilities and helps our clients stay compliant with state and federal air quality regulations.

“If the emissions are not in compliance, then we work with the facility to develop a cost-effective control strategy to move the facility back into compliance,” Joe says.

By helping our clients understand and measure their emissions Joe is helping to protect them from liability and financial risk, while also protecting the health of the public. It’s a great example of the balance GeoEngineers often strikes between human growth and the protection of the world we all share.

Joe first became interested in modeling and simulating biological and environmental systems in college.

“I think it’s cool because it allows you to evaluate complex systems without the need for expensive and possibly dangerous trial and error,” Joe says.

Outside of work, most of Joe’s time is dedicated to his wife and three school-age children. He and his wife enjoy coaching softball and baseball teams for the kids. Joe’s wife is a veterinarian and they manage a menagerie of farm animals on their small farm in rural Kansas.

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