Meet Lindsay Flangas, PE
Assistant Group Leader, Associate Geotechnical Engineer

Shoring and foundation design
Slope stability analysis
Construction monitoring
Dam safety engineering

Redmond, WA


Lindsay was attracted to geotechnical engineering during college because it was more empirical than other engineering disciplines she considered and offered opportunities to work in the field and on construction sites. Today she is a project engineer in GeoEngineers’ geotechnical group who designs and consults on shallow and deep foundation projects, earth retention systems, levees and earthwork for site development.

“I enjoy being part of the team and collaborating on day-to-day challenges, from coming up with unique solutions to engineering problems to ensuring that the right people are in the right places to get the job done and provide the best client service,” Lindsay says, adding, “I appreciate that GeoEngineers is a small enough firm that it is easy to get to know colleagues throughout the organization, but large enough to include professionals with a variety of talents and expertise to collaborate for creative problem solving.”

Working on the recently completed Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation World Headquarters project offered Lindsay the experience of being part of a large-scale project from the design phase all the way through to construction. She recounts, “We logged over 400 geotechnical site visits over the course of construction and collaborated with the GeoEngineers environmental group, as well as a very talented group of other architects, contractors and engineers.”

Lindsay reports that her time outside of work revolves around her two little boys. She and her toddlers have fun reading stories and taking walks to the park, and Lindsay is looking forward to taking up jogging again in the not-too-distant future.

Selected Presentations & Articles

  • Case History: "Investigating the Risks Associated with Allowing Temporary Tiebacks to Remain Stressed," by Matt Smith, Lindsay Flangas and Dan Ciani, Earth Retention Conference 3 Proceedings, Bellevue, WA, August 2010

Recent Field Notes

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