Meet M. Scott Thornburg
Senior HDD Design Engineer

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

Springfield, MO


Scott specializes in the feasibility analysis, design and construction of pipelines using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method of construction for offshore crossings, shore approaches and land-to-land crossings. HDD is a steerable trenchless method of installing pipelines in an arc along a designed path with the potential for minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Asked what he likes best about being a senior engineer at GeoEngineers, Scott replied, “I enjoy surmounting HDD design obstacles and problem solving on site during HDD construction and working with team members to help keep the project on or ahead of schedule, potentially saving the client, the owner and the contractor money.” Scott also likes spending time on site during HDD construction to maintain a current foundation of the ever-evolving HDD industry.

The University of Florida alum is proud of having attained the rank of platoon sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry, where he was awarded a letter of commendation, a Good Conduct Medal and an honorable discharge. When not on the road for work, Scott has many interests which totally consume his free time, including riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing, skydiving, scuba diving, watching football and spending time at the range honing his marksmanship skills.