Meet Rick Moore, LEG, LHG
Associate Environmental Geologist

Environmental assessment and remediation, Sediments, Aquatic redevelopment and habitat restoration, Project management, Regulatory compliance, Storm and surface water management

Seattle, WA


Rick serves in both business development and technical roles to support sediment, waterfront restoration, stormwater and other environmental services for GeoEngineers. With more than 25 years of progressive environmental consulting experience on more than 200 aquatic and upland environmental assessment and remediation projects, Rick’s broad skill set is perfect for a wide range of environmental projects.

“I spend lots of time in the city, in the mountains and on the water,” Rick says. “Our environmental quality is vastly improving in some ways, yet diminished in many others. I feel an urgency that we must sensibly manage these resources for coming generations.”

When not at work, Rick hopes for gray skies and rain to make snow for skiing, tries to keep the rubber side down on his mountain bike, teases fish with fake flies and likes twangy guitar.