Meet Tanna DeRuyter, EIT
Staff Hydrogeologist

Aquifer testing and analysis
Field data collection
Groundwater Modeling

Redmond, WA


Tanna assists project managers and senior staff by collecting and analyzing hydrogeological data. She discovered her interest in hydrogeology, the study of rocks and water, while serving as a rafting guide in the summers while pursuing a degree in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. “I’ve always been curious about my surroundings, and knew I loved rocks.  While rafting, I also discovered a fascination with water, from the shear force it exerts on its surroundings to the many ways it changes our world,” Tanna says. “So I looked into hydrogeology. It seemed like a perfect mesh of my academic and outdoor interests.”

Now holding a master of science in hydrogeology from the University of Nevada, Reno, Tanna is excited to be at GeoEngineers and working in a position that allows her to be in the field. “I like being outside and traveling,” she says. “It is personally rewarding to match the theory of something I read about in a book with an observation I find in the real world. ”

Now back in her home state of Washington, Tanna is taking full advantage of being surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers. She’s also an endurance athlete whose competitive nature has qualified her for the Boston Marathon and the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.