Meet Tony Orme, PE
Group Leader, Associate Engineer

Environmental engineering
Site remediation design
Regulatory and third-party negotiations
Environmental due diligence for real estate transactions

Redmond, WA


Tony is an environmental engineer who specializes in assessing and cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater. He leads a group of about 30 engineers, geologists and scientists who work with public and private clients to address environmental concerns on property-development projects.

During college, Tony had the opportunity to live in Taiwan, where he gained an appreciation for the value of clean air and water and the environment in general. "I believe that my work in environmental site assessment and remediation results in improved standard of living for the whole community,"he notes.

Tony was originally attracted to engineering because it gave him an opportunity apply his strong aptitude for math, physics, chemistry and science to real-world projects. "The most enjoyable aspect of my work is the interaction I get with clients, the project teams and my colleagues," he says. "I enjoy the challenges inherent to engineering, but the people keep me coming back to work every day."

The self-confessed sports junkie plays softball, basketball and flag football almost all year 'round. Tony's three kids keep him busy, too. "They are creative and energetic," he says. "I do my best to be a great dad."