Meet Andrew Provant, PG, RG, CEM
Senior Geologist

Phase I, II & III Environmental Assessments,
Risk Assessments,
Geological Reconnaissance,
Geologic Hazard Assessments

Boise, ID


Andrew has been doing environmental work as a geologist since 1998. His years of experience also include being part of an exploration crew at a Montana gold mine, and in the Alaska oil fields working as a “mud logger,” documenting cuttings from boreholes.

“After working at an open pit gold mine and in the oil patch, I realized that I’d rather spend my career working to clean up the disturbance done by those activities,” Andrew says.

That decision eventually led Andrew to GeoEngineers, where his experience in the oil and mining industries helps him connect with clients throughout Idaho and the western United States. He spends his time evaluating and mapping potentially contaminated sites by testing soil and groundwater for any potential risks to human health. When impacted sites can be cleaned up or redeveloped, Andrew recommends strategies to repair the environment.

He’s doing a vital job, but Andrew says he tries not to take himself too seriously outside of work. When not quoting Monty Python or acting like the Dad in Calvin & Hobbes, Andrew enjoys cycling (both on and off the road), playing soccer, and getting into the Idaho backcountry for camping, hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing.