Meet Becca Miller, EIT
Staff Water Resources Engineer

Surface water hydrology
Water resources
Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
Field monitoring

Portland, OR


Becca assists senior engineers on river and stream restoration projects by collecting data, building and running models and creating designs. “I have always been attracted to working in the environmental field, especially in water resources,” she says. “Water is the thing that connects all life on this planet, but is often the most jeopardized by human development.”

As a recent graduate of Oregon State University with a master’s degree in water resources engineering, this is Becca’s first engineering job. “I was drawn to the high-quality and regionally recognized work at GeoEngineers, which is something that I wanted to be a part of.  I knew this position was a great opportunity to build a career working in river systems by learning from some very talented people,” she says.

Even outside of work, water resources remain a huge interest for Becca. “When I am running or hiking next to a stream, I find myself thinking about the structures and available habitat, the natural channel shaping features and how human modifications have altered historic flowpaths,” she says.

When she’s not busy immersing herself in the fascinations of water, Becca spends her time hiking, camping, kayaking, running, gardening, cooking, volunteering and traveling.