Meet Bridget August, LG, LHG
Assistant Group Leader, Senior Hydrogeologist

Groundwater supply
Water rights
Aquifer testing and analysis
Wellhead protection
Stormwater infiltration
Construction dewatering

Redmond, WA


Bridget helps implement and manage various groundwater projects, including groundwater supply development, water rights and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR). She also works on dewatering assessments, wellhead protection studies and groundwater mounding analyses, often partnering with the geotechnical engineering and environmental groups.

“I believe that as Earth scientists we have one of the most important jobs on the planet,” Bridget says. “The work we do at GeoEngineers ensures that schools, hospitals, and office buildings are protected from natural hazards like earthquakes and floods. We provide our communities with clean drinking water and sanitation. We keep the natural environment clean and work to protect habitat for fish and other native species. We help build roads and bridges that are used to transport the food we eat and the goods we buy. I am proud of the work we do at GeoEngineers to make the world a better, safer and cleaner place.”

Prior to joining GeoEngineers, Bridget worked for more than seven years as a consulting geologist and hydrogeologist in the Puget Sound area. “I knew many people at GeoEngineers, including colleagues and former college classmates. I was drawn to the size of the company, variety of projects and the company’s commitment to broad internal ownership. I was also ready for new challenges.”

In her free time, Bridget serves on the board of the local subsection of the American Water Works Association and visits local elementary schools to talk with students about geology and science. When she’s not volunteering, you can find her enjoying the great outdoors camping, hiking and traveling with her husband and two very active children. “I also love knitting and sewing, but don’t do them often enough,” she says.