Meet Eric Heller, PE, LG
Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering
Laboratory and project management
Geologic hazard assessments

Tacoma, WA


“As a geotechnical engineer at GeoEngineers, what I do literally supports the work of my clients,” Eric quips. “In a nutshell, I engineer dirt. Every building, road, bridge, wind tower that is built needs a foundation; our job is to investigate the soil that the foundation will sit on. If the soil is good, then build away. However, if the soil is poor or the structure large, other foundations options may be necessary. That’s when my job becomes fun.”

Eric appreciates the variety of work at GeoEngineers and the quality of his co-workers. “Some of my best friends are people I have met while working at GeoEngineers,” he comments, adding, “The fact that we are employee-owned says a lot. Each employee-owner has a stake in the game; we all want each and every project to be a success.”

In Eric’s life, work and play share common ground: “I love being outside; soil and rocks are absolutely fascinating. Every step out my front door is a field trip. It is just amazing that I can be paid to do this—but being paid is still nice!” For 12 weeks every fall, Eric says he’s a rabid college football fan. (“Go Beavs!”) He also likes hiking, camping and reading and is a huge science fiction fan.


Vice President/President-Elect, Board of Directors, Young Professionals Network of Tacoma-Pierce County, 2012-13