Meet Kyle Cook
CAD Specialist



Baton Rouge, LA


Kyle manages most of the computer-aided drafting (CAD) work in GeoEngineers’ Baton Rouge office. He describes his work as creating drawings that assists engineers in showing clients visually what is going on with their projects.

Kyle really enjoys the creative part of his job. “While a lot of the work is similar, there are always new challenges that present themselves with every project, and it’s great to overcome those challenges with creative ideas.” He also appreciates working on all kinds of projects from all over the country.

“My proudest GeoEngineers project would have to be the Texas Gas Pipeline project,” Kyle relates. “It was my first big project with the company and involved a lot of effort from multiple people. It really became a big team project. To see so many people work hard on this project and work weekends to get it out was a very proud team moment for me.” He adds, “I think the common thread of inspiration in the work we do here is comes back to the company motto, we find a better way. I try to find ways to improve the quality of my work and the work around me.”

In his free time, Kyle chooses life’s simple pleasures, such as being with his friends or exercising. “Hanging out with friends at a football game or going for a bike ride is a normal weekend for me.”