Meet Michael R. Warfel, LG, LHG
Principal Environmental Geologist

Site assessments
Site redevelopment
Regulatory strategy
Community involvement
Staff mentoring

Portland, OR


As a Principal environmental geologist, Michael leads major geologic projects for GeoEngineers in Portland and the western U.S. From field work to data analysis to mentoring younger staff, Michael brings more than 30 years of experience to his role in the Portland environmental group.

Michael provides clients with timely, practical and cost-effective solutions to problems associated with properties impaired by chemical contamination.  His environmental experience includes RI/FS (remedial investigations/feasibility studies) for public and private sector clients, property transfers and redevelopment, stormwater infiltration, landfill remediation, transportation corridor assessment, Superfund site investigations and water quality protection. As a railway enthusiast his whole life, Michael finds environmental projects for railroads a double blast.

In his free time, Michael can be found chasing trains, riding his Harley Davidson, sampling great beers and bourbons, and smoking the occasional cigar.

Recent Field Notes

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