Meet Sean Cool, PE
Assistant Group Leader, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineering

Bellingham, WA


As part of a smaller office in a local market, Sean strives to be a geotechnical generalist, always ready to bring his local expertise to bear on a wide range of projects. He and his Bellingham colleagues work on a variety of projects, from roadways to trails and industrial sites to parks, so flexibility and local knowledge are central to their success.

Sean notes that his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing projects that get built and have a lasting impact on the community. He regularly crosses through one such project—the Peace Arch Point of Entry on the US/Canada border—on his way to other work sites in British Columbia. “I love projects where I can offer some value to our clients,” Sean says. “I like the sense of something tangible and lasting that results from our and our team’s efforts.”

Sean’s favorite time is spent with family, and he likes to get out and hike or bike with his wife and kids in the abundant recreational spots in and around Bellingham. “Just like in my work,” Sean reflects, “I am a generalist and have completed five of the seven Sea-to-Ski race legs—downhill ski, cross-country ski, run, road bike, canoe so far—and, I hope, mountain bike and sea kayak in the coming years.”