Meet Thomas Byrd
CAD Specialist


Springfield, MO


Thomas prepares CAD visualizations and drawings for our Springfield office. Most of his work focuses on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) designs and large roadway and infrastructure projects for the state’s department of transportation.

HDD and other trenchless projects can be difficult for clients to understand and visualize because they involve installing pipelines deep underground. Thomas helps our geotechnical engineers conceptualize the soil and other site conditions so they can design trenchless crossings with optimum geometry.

Thomas joined GeoEngineers in 2013, after one of our employees encouraged him to apply for a drafting position.

“Taking his advice and pursuing my career here was one of the best decisions I ever made,” Thomas says. “The best thing about being at GeoEngineers is the people I work with. The drafting is interesting and fun, but the people make this a great place to be!”

In his spare time Thomas prioritizes time with his wife and young daughter, and is active in his local church.  He’s also an outdoorsman and enjoys camping, fishing, mountain biking and hunting whenever he can. When he’s not outside, you might find Thomas at the movies with his wife, or at home with a good book.