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We’re GeoEngineers, Earth Science and Engineering Experts

You’ll find us where soil meets foundation, water meets land, and humanity meets environment. We work with the earth, but people are the heart of what we do. Using earth science and engineering expertise, we help our clients find a balance between human needs and the earth’s physical systems. Together we can build a better world.


We’ve assembled a diverse team of more than 200 technical experts—and they’re all here for you. By drawing from our deep bench of experienced professionals in engineering and earth science specialties, we can bring together the perfect team for your project. Together we can build your dream team.

Pushing Boundaries

Our experts are leaders in their fields. We design the literal foundations on which our society is built. We use performance-based engineering and advanced numerical modeling to predict how structures will behave before construction begins. We set the standard for trenchless pipeline design. And we leverage technology and software development to creatively solve problems. We’re always looking ahead at the frontier of engineering and earth science—there’s plenty of work to be done.

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