Your Questions Answered

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about applying for a job at GeoEngineers. Please contact us with any additional questions or requests.

What happens if I have mailed, emailed or faxed in a resume?

To be considered an applicant at GeoEngineers, you must apply directly online for an open position and meet the minimum qualifications for that position.

If I've applied for a job opening, how will I know that you've received my application? How long will it be before I know if I've been selected for an interview?

You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully completed your online profile. If you are among the most qualified candidates, we will contact you within several weeks to set up an initial interview. We contact only those candidates selected for interviews. If your qualifications do not match our needs at this time, your profile will remain active in our system so that you may apply for other opportunities that may better suit your background, experience and interests.

Where can I learn about available opportunities with GeoEngineers?

All openings within GeoEngineers are posted on our Careers website. You may search for available positions and submit your profile online by starting at our Careers page.

How can I apply for multiple openings at GeoEngineers? Do I need to apply separately for each?

Once you create an online profile, you are able to apply that information towards any new opportunity that comes available. Please add each position you are interested in to your online profile so that the appropriate recruiter is informed of your interest and can assess your qualifications for the position. We recommend that you update your profile every 12 months, though you may do so at any time.

Can I still submit my resume even if there isn't an available opening that is of interest to me?

You may only submit your resume for open positions. If you do not see an opening that you are interested in once you had conducted a search, you may sign up for notifications of upcoming openings via the RSS feed button at the top of the Current Openings page.

Do I need to submit a cover letter?

While we do not require a cover letter, we strongly recommend that you include one with your application.

What if I forget my password?

Just use the “If you do not remember your password click here” function on the login page—enter the e-mail address that you had previously used to create your online profile and hit Submit. A password reminder will then be sent to that e-mail address.

Does GeoEngineers perform reference and background checks?

Yes, we perform extensive reference checks and may do so at any point during the interview process. We also perform background checks on all new hires before their start dates. A typical background check will include a criminal record check as well as education and licensure/registration verification (as necessary). Credit checks are typically not performed as part of our pre-employment verification process, unless the position specifically requires that we do so.

How do I find out about internship opportunities available? Which locations offer internships? What is the best way to apply?

GeoEngineers offers internships to students year-round at many of our locations. Availability varies each year, based on business need. All of our internship opportunities are listed on the Job Openings page. If you see an internship that is of interest to you, please complete an online profile for that specific opportunity. If you do not see an internship that is a match, or if none are available at this time, please check back soon, as our listing of available opportunities is updated daily.

How do I tell a friend about career opportunities available at GeoEngineers?

If you see an opportunity that you feel a friend may be interested in, you can send the position description to them directly by clicking on the “Send to a Friend” option at the bottom of the posting. You will then be prompted to enter your name and e-mail address, their e-mail address and any relevant comments that you would like to include in your message. Once you provide the necessary information and click “Send,” your friend will receive the complete position description in an e-mail, along with directions on how to apply.

Do you have tips on interviewing at GeoEngineers?

The following information should help you prepare for your interview:

  • Do your homework! Learn about our firm and the position you are applying for before you talk to us.
  • Sell yourself: Know your qualifications and be able to speak to them confidently. Promote specific skills, abilities and experiences that directly relate to your position of interest.
  • But also be yourself: Be honest, be relaxed, be positive. It will go a long way.
  • Presentation is everything: Dress professionally—business casual attire is the norm. If in doubt, check with your recruiter. Shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact.
  • Ask questions: Thoughtful, relevant questions demonstrate a high level of understanding, interest and involvement in the process.
  • Follow up: Thank your interviewers for their time and attention. Get a business card from each during the interview process and follow up immediately after, with an email, letter or card. This will convey interest, as well as appreciation.

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