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Whether you’re just starting out or re-entering the workforce, we set a strong foundation for your new career by providing you with the training, mentorship and guidance you need to get on the right path. GeoEngineers offers entry-level positions, perfect for recent graduates, and internships for students. Either way, we give young professionals the chance to learn and grow while working on diverse, technically challenging projects and making a real impact in the communities we serve.

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Get real-world experience in geology, engineering, and earth science fields while still in school! GeoEngineers offers summer internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, providing an experience that no classroom can match. Internships last from June to August each year, and offer a unique opportunity to learn and practice the foundational skills of your field while making contacts with mentors and industry experts.

  • Work on real engineering and earth science projects.
  • Get paid for your work.
  • Learn on the job from mentors with decades of experience in their fields.
  • Make professional connections to industry leaders.
  • Set yourself up for career opportunities after graduation.

For years, interns at GeoEngineers have contributed to real work in the field while setting themselves up for future employment. Many of our interns who have proven themselves in the field have even successfully transitioned to full-time employment after graduation! See some of what they have to say below. All internship opportunities are posted on our Job Openings page.

“GeoEngineers exposed me to a wide variety of projects, from site investigations to pile driving—and even structural modeling later on. I visited project sites, performed compaction tests, classified borings, performed pile drivability analysis and slope stability analysis, and worked on designing soil nail retaining walls.”

Andi Gega

I interned for a summer and had the privilege of working in the field on marsh creation projects, mainline pipeline projects, a Horizontal Directional Drill in the Atchafalaya Basin, and even a site visit to a bridge that was being constructed in Baton Rouge. GeoEngineers opened my eyes to all the opportunities within the geotechnical engineering field.

-Will Wajda

When I interned, I really liked the people I worked with and the work culture. GeoEngineers is a firm that works on difficult and interesting projects and focuses on providing quality results to our clients. This has created a culture of excellence among GeoEngineers employees.

-Jonathan Owen

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