We’re GeoEngineers,
A Firm Where Substance Matters

GeoEngineers Inc. is an employee-owned engineering and earth science consulting firm that cares about the important stuff. Our technical work is built on a foundation of community, caring for people and broad employee ownership. Born in Washington State in 1980, GeoEngineers was founded with a passion for building community, caring for people and personal ownership. This approach has grown the firm to more than 300 diverse experts in offices across the country. We find better ways to serve our clients by offering cutting-edge services in a down-to-earth package that will always put people first.

Our Principles


Working safely is our highest priority

Adherence to safety plans and company policies are an essential part of what we do. We’ve steadily increased the number of near misses reported each of the last three years, so we are recognizing and reporting close calls so we can learn from them. We have also developed specific mitigation measures to increase accountability. Some of these have included conducting joint field audits with our insurance carrier; auditing of JHAs and HASPs, implementing behavior-based loss prevention safety practices, and promoting safety at every level and in every position. By striving to be mindful of ourselves and our environment, we look to minimize risks and protect each other. We protect ourselves each day with proper personal protective equipment and standardized safety procedures, including:

  • Task Safety Assessments
  • Near-miss reporting
  • Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs)
  • Health and Safety Plans (HASPs)
  • Safety tailgate sessions
  • Safety moments to start every meeting

Client Service

Earning your trust, one project at a time

Our founders believed that client service made the difference between a good company and a great one. Every day since then, we’ve endeavored to treat our clients as we would want to be treated.

Practicing empathy helps us put ourselves in our clients’ shoes so we can understand and anticipate their unique challenges and needs. Our integrated approach to projects means we can hand craft a team of experts for every client, collaborate with other companies and contractors to communicate effectively, and advocate for the best solutions that will get the job done. The heart of our business is sound, evidence-backed advice. With GeoEngineers on the team, our clients become empowered to make better, quicker decisions, and plan for the future with confidence.

We want our clients to experience the same feelings of excitement, appreciation and collaboration that we promote among our staff. Most of all, we want to earn their trust—your trust. We want to transcend the simple delivery of reports and engineering recommendations to become trusted advisors, and essential partners. We don’t want our clients to simply be satisfied with our work, we want to delight them.

Technical Excellence

Committed to delivering quality and value

At GeoEngineers, we’re driven by our core value of mastery. This goal pushes us toward technical excellence in every aspect of our daily work. “Good enough” isn’t good enough, so we find a better way to deliver the results our clients want.

Lots of consulting firms can provide similar services, but we strive for more. We use tools like peer reviews, honest feedback from clients and employees, and ongoing professional development to hone our technical processes and work.

Our interdisciplinary team of earth scientists, engineers and technology experts collaborate to provide creative solutions for our clients. By leveraging our unique combination of skills we can combine fields such as earth science, GIS mapping, data analytics and software development to solve complicated problems, improve efficiency and provide added value to our clients.


Meeting the needs of the present—and future

We believe in sustainability, and strive to balance the needs of the present with long-term planning for the future. Conserving resources, both natural and artificial, is crucial to our work. By thinking about the big picture, we look for ways to synthesize environmental and human priorities so that our clients’ resources are invested wisely for the future, and the natural resources we share are protected.

A sustainable approach can help reduce lifecycle costs and provide long-term benefits to our clients, communities and world. Here are just a few examples of how GeoEngineers is working toward a sustainable future in our projects.

  • Designed new marshes and shoreline protection features along the Louisiana Gulf Coast
  • Helped a consortium of utility companies, university scientists and a state agency determine where to site a geologic carbon sequestration facility
  • Worked with a city municipality to maximize stormwater storage and infiltration using a natural aquifer
  • Rejuvenated a contaminated industrial site to enable a new, sustainable commercial development
  • Designed an in-stream irrigation diversion that benefits both people and fish
  • Helped design the first Living Building in Washington state


Supporting communities at home and around the world

At GeoEngineers, we use our scientific and technical skills to restore and preserve natural environments and to design the infrastructure that people need. We also contribute our time and money to enhance and support communities near our homes and across the globe.

A Volunteer Culture

In each of our 13 offices, our employees give to the causes and organizations that capture their interest and passions, contributing countless volunteer hours and financial support each year. Although the community involvement in each office varies, some common themes emerge.

Our staff:

  • Take leading roles in scientific and professional organizations that focus on strengthening communities
  • Teach and serve in schools, colleges and technical programs to help students meet educational goals
  • Support community organizations that are part of the social safety net
  • Aid disaster relief and community-development efforts around the world
  • Work to preserve wilderness areas and other scenic places

GeoEngineers’ corporate-giving campaigns underscore the professional, community, education and conservation causes that matter most to our staff:

  • United Way — GeoEngineers sponsors United Way annual workplace giving campaigns and matches a portion of staff contributions to the many community organizations that rely on this essential funding. Through United Way, our staff supports dozens of groups and causes.
  • College Scholarships — Each year GeoEngineers funds scholarships for aspiring engineers and scientists studying at universities near our offices, nationwide.
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust — GeoEngineers contributes volunteers, funding and pro-bono services to the Greenway Trust, which is working to ensure a sustained landscape for the 23 Greenway cities that stretch from Central Washington, over the Cascade Mountains and into Seattle, home of GeoEngineers’ headquarters.

Inclusive Contracting

Creating opportunities for collaboration and engagement

At GeoEngineers, we believe diversity fosters innovation. By diversifying our experience and perspectives through the inclusion of certified businesses, we are better equipped to serve our clients. Our inclusive contracting program works to identify partnership opportunities with small, disadvantaged, veteran-owned woman-owned and minority-owned businesses on our projects and hiring them for corporate services.

Learn more about our contracting opportunities and our Inclusive Contracting Program.

We’re looking forward to opportunities to work together!

Active in Associations

GeoEngineers and our staff are active members of a number of professional associations. The list below is just a sample of our involvement.

American Council of Engineering Companies
American Water Resources Association
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
Association of State Dam Safety Officials
The Geoprofessional Business Association
ASTM International
Greenroads Foundation
Society of American Military Engineers
Women in Transportation Society
American Exploration & Mining Association
North American Society for Trenchless Technology
American Public Works Association

We want you on our team.