Earth Sciences

Hydrology & Hydraulics

Hydrology and hydraulics are critical to a variety of water-related projects. Our hydrologists, water resource engineers and fluvial geomorphologists are experts in applying the most current science to their analyses. Together, hydrology and hydraulics help us understand and quantify the flow magnitude, frequency, duration, timing and variability of water flow and behavior. We apply this expertise to lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, rivers and the hyporheic zone. GeoEngineers’ hydrology and hydraulic expertise is critical to designing fish-friendly stream crossings (culverts and bridges) that allow fish to safely access upstream spawning and rearing habitat. When we need to model how hydrology impacts habitat quality in a river environment, we use advanced tools like our propitiatory HOME (Habitat Optimization Modeling of Ecosystems) modeling approach. Our water resource professionals specialize in managing and protecting sensitive water sources such as aquifers and well heads, performing watershed analyses, evaluating drainage basins, interpreting critical/sensitive areas and assessing river and stream channel processes.

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