Earth Analytics

Simplify your environmental and engineering data and make informed business decisions using Earth Analytics™, GeoEngineers’ fusion of earth-science consulting expertise with industry-leading data-acquisition and visualization software.

The Earth Analytics platform collects and centralizes your critical instrument and environmental data, enabling you to monitor safety and other parameters, streamline your workflow, and put your data to work. Using Earth Analytics’ powerful visualization and notification tools, you can see data trends, make calculations and receive alerts when inputs exceed defined thresholds. And when it’s time to report your data, easily output pre-formatted templates for regulators and other stakeholders.


Earth Analytics combines multiple data sources into a single, easy to manage technology platform. The technology is flexible and works with all makes and models of instruments, including the newest generation of wireless devices. Alternatively, input and display data from third parties such as laboratories, government agencies or weather services. Earth Analytics also unlocks the power of long-term data monitoring and analytics. It gives owners the ability to document and track critical areas of concern over time through photos, notes, reports and observational data from their facilities.


Earth Analytics centralizes multiple data sources in a single, secure database and enables you to manage all of your data inputs from any internet-enabled device using various analytical tools. You can assign calculations, thresholds, notifications, and alerts when various data sources reach specific thresholds.


The Earth Analytics platform easily outputs data to fit your needs. Simplify the regulatory process with pre-formatted reports for local, state or federal regulatory agencies. Use standard formats for Electronic Data Deliverables to simplify data entry going to and from labs. Simply select the appropriate data, output to PDF, and save templates for recurring use.

Data Visualization

Earth Analytics provides numerous options for graphing and plotting data:

  • Compare and contrast data readings and generate custom graphs or other visual aids.
  • Define basic information about a plot, including data ranges, title, dates and axes.
  • Preview the graph and edit each instrument line that appears in the display.
  • Easily combine data sources and readings, or create both graphs and numerical data plots that can then be exported to Excel or .jpg files for reporting purposes.


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