Join Our CAD Team

    Put your drafting skills to work on meaningful projects in your community and across the country.

    GeoEngineers projects are physical, taking place in real locations, with real dirt, real structures, and real consequences for how we perform our work. We can never separate what we do from the space we do it in. That’s why our CAD team is so important. Through graphics, figures and drawings, they help us and our clients understand the spaces where we do our work. They are storytellers, translating the languages of earth, water, and engineered structures into a visual narrative that helps us approach each project, and each site, in an effective way.

    Help us tell our stories! Check here for current job openings.

    Members of our CAD team are integrated into GeoEngineers offices across the country, working closely with project managers in their local office, as well as contributing to projects farther afield. With the opportunity to work on diverse projects from GeoEngineers’ geotechnical, environmental and natural resources groups, our CAD staff never get bored.

    GeoEngineers encourages a cooperative learning environment. As a member of the CAD team, you’ll have access to seasoned professionals to help you sharpen your drafting skills, along with a wide array of scientists, engineers and technology experts to help you broaden your horizons. GeoEngineers is the ideal place to challenge yourself while growing your career, but don’t take our word for it.

    Testimonials from Team Members

    “We have fun in the CAD group, and get to learn a lot while working on different types of projects requiring different design techniques. Best of all, many of the projects and designs become a permanent part of our lives and communities.”

    “Since this is an employee-owned company, I love that everyone puts their heart and soul into their work.  We have a company full of experts with many backgrounds that are always willing to answer questions and share knowledge.”

    “Even as a junior-level CAD technician I was trusted to take on big projects and prove my worth, and in the years since I’ve had the opportunity to grow into a leading role in the trenchless CAD group.”

    “GeoEngineers actually cares about my career growth and they’re willing to spend the money to make sure that I’m properly trained and interested in challenging new work.”

    We're driven by our values.