30 Years in Oregon!

The first week I started, I knew our Oregon office was going to be an adventure that I wanted to be a part of. Through the course of my first year, I really got to understand who our people are, what they are passionate about and what we excel at. I’ve seen how committed our staff are to the Oregon communities where we work and live. I’m now in my third year with the company, and 2019 is the perfect time to reflect with our team about opportunities, goals and everything the office has done in the past three decades. We’re celebrating 30 years of GeoEngineers in Oregon!

That’s a lot of time to reflect on. The people who opened the Portland office were passionate about bringing GeoEngineers’ unique people-first brand to the state. GeoEngineers’ second office location, the Portland office was founded in response to our clients’ desire that we have a local team to manage their environmental cleanup projects. We have experienced exciting growth, new markets and large clients; and weathered downturns, a fluid market and changing faces. Despite the challenges, the tenure and passion of our core staff remained strong.

Marsi Beeson, who has been a part of the office for almost 25 years, explained why she’s remained so committed to the firm. “In talking to people at other companies, I know there isn’t another firm like GeoEngineers,” Beeson says. “Great company, great colleagues and great projects make GeoEngineers a truly special place to work.”

Celeste Estes, Portland’s Office Manager, has been with us through it all. “I never thought that when I started working for GeoEngineers in 1995 that I’d still be working here and celebrating the company’s 30-year anniversary in Oregon,” Estes says. “We are always learning, striving, and growing to meet the needs of our clients and employees in a rapidly changing environment.”

When we conducted our business planning at the end of 2018, we had to take a moment to recognize and appreciate our clients, teaming partners and communities and give thanks to our relationships with them that have kept us strong. As we set our sights on the future, our goal is to grow, push ourselves, and support our community by anticipating and advocating for one another and appreciating the successes along the way.

Reflecting on all we have accomplished, Greg Landau, one our geotechnical leaders, commented, “I’m proud of our legacy in Oregon. This is where we live, work and play, and like our clients, we’re dedicated to making it better. And I can see that dedication every day in the commitment and passion our staff put into their work.”

As I’ve reflected on the past 30 years, I’ve been struck by the scale of our work in Oregon. Looking at our records, GeoEngineers has completed more than 7,000 geotechnical, environmental and water resource projects in the state! I speak for all our staff when I say thank you to our clients, colleagues and families for their support, and we look forward to the next 30 years and beyond!

Working For Oregonians

Take a look at the slideshow below for just a taste of our ongoing projects in Oregon. The photos are from five important regional projects: Upper Wallowa River Restoration, Tillamook Creamery Visitors Center, Historic Columbia River Highway and Trail, Pepsi Blocks Redevelopment, and the new Salem Police Station.

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