Baton Rouge Office Laboratory Reaches New Milestone

GeoEngineers’ in-house geotechnical laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA, has reached a new milestone in its recent upgrades. In addition to being able to drill and test five-inch boring samples for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the lab can now log and report data to meet the Corps’ standards.

It took more than three weeks of hard work for the team—Geotechnical Engineer Venu Tammineni, Associate Geotechnical Engineer Michelle Ramos and gINT Software Manager Chelsea Voss—to get the needed software in place and the formatting right to produce the first log.

“This opens a lot of doors for us,” said Tammineni. “We can now provide geotechnical services on Army Corps projects, if required, without the need to subcontract any portion of the services. There are not a lot of companies that can actually do that.”

By keeping sampling, testing and reporting in house from start to finish, GeoEngineers has full quality control. This has aided GeoEngineers’ current work on a multi-million dollar project that includes Corps boring logs as part of the deliverable.

Tammineni said the new reporting ability, along with 5-inch sample drilling capability, will be of great value to other clients, particularly those in the pipeline industry, whose projects might require getting geotechnical design approval from the Corps.

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