Are You Prepared for Winter?

By Shaun Stauffer

The rains are here in the Pacific Northwest. Are you prepared? Rain and runoff can cause serious property damage if not properly controlled. While the following tips won’t protect you from heavy flooding, they will help you protect your property under normal conditions:

  • Check that your roof drains and downspouts are clear of debris. Also clear debris from any on-site catch basins.
  • Collect any runoff at the top of slopes. Water flowing uncontrolled down a slope could lead to erosion, shallow slides, and potentially large landslides.
  • Check that the ground surface slopes away from your building structure. Standing water around a building perimeter can lead to foundation settlement and mold development inside the building.
  • Inspect your windows and other structure openings. Are they sealed properly? Again, water inside a structure can lead to mold development and water damage.

The key is to make sure that rain, water and runoff go where YOU want it to.

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