Caring for our Community

Over the past 18 months the GeoEngineers community has experienced unprecedented attacks on our health that we have not experienced in our lifetime and hope we never see again. As leaders of the firm, we have a legal—but more importantly a moral—responsibility to protect the health and safety of GeoEngineers’ staff and their families in the face of these threats.

We have always said to our staff do the right thing, make good choices, and take care of one another. As leaders we also need to follow this advice, so we are increasing our defenses as a company against this virus that has devastated so many.

Here is our very simple plan, which will apply to all GeoEngineers employees and go into effect September 15, 2021:

If you come into our office, travel for work or engage with other GeoEngineers staff in any way, you have a choice. You can be vaccinated or, if for personal reasons you are not able to get vaccinated, you can get tested regularly to show that you are COVID-19 free.

Why are we doing this? We have a responsibility to make sure people feel safe coming to work and not be exposed to an illness that can kill them or their family or cause long term health effects. The way to mitigate this risk is clear – vaccinations, testing and continuing to mask—so let’s do what is needed to care for our home and our family.

Thank you for your efforts to make our workplace a healthy place for all. We are better together.

-Chief Executive Officer Mike Hutchinson and Chairman of the Board David Sauls

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