Engineers Week 2024: The Future is for All


February 18-24 is Engineers Week. It is an annual opportunity for us to recognize and honor the incredible work of engineers and their contributions to our communities and shared future. This year, we want to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in engineering. The outlook for our discipline is bright and complex, but to reach our full potential, we need to continue broadening our perspectives and adding more voices to the conversation.

We are privileged to employ nearly 100 engineers in civil, structural, chemical, environmental, geotechnical, and river engineering fields who consistently demonstrate creativity, innovation, and expertise. Engineering problems are getting increasingly complex and require collaboration across not only engineering disciplines, but with the scientists, skilled technicians, GIS and CAD specialists, and corporate professionals we rely on for success.

GeoEngineers’ people have always been our defining advantage, and that is truer now than ever. Our staff members each bring unique backgrounds, skills, and perspectives that can drive our profession into the future. It will take all of us to help our clients solve the engineering problems they face now and going forward. Together, we can drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and create a better world.

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable work of today’s engineers and look forward to an even more dynamic and diverse future.  

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