We Are on Your Side

The recent Supreme Court ruling regarding abortion rights will have lasting impacts for generations to come. Among these is that rules for women’s reproductive rights will differ from state to state. We also know from existing research that these changes will disproportionately affect people of color. These changes are not neutral—they will have a direct impact on women and families, and therefore on the people who work for GeoEngineers.

Following the ruling, I sent an email to the staff at GeoEngineers to simply tell them I am on their side.  Healthcare is a personal choice, and I am on their side because the health of our community, family and friends is a priority. I can’t leave someone stranded and scared. As an organization, GeoEngineers will work to live up to our values as it relates to healthcare for all our employees.

I am also encouraging our peers in the engineering industry to step back and reflect on this recent court decision in terms of the people who work for them now and in the future. Women and people of color are making decisions about their career in science and engineering based on our actions. We need to show that we support their individual decisions, regardless of where they live and work.

I understand that there are personal beliefs associated with reproductive rights, but we can respect personal beliefs and do the right thing. We can show women and people of color that the engineering and science consulting business is a welcoming place, and I will make sure that GeoEngineers will lead the way in this effort. 


Mike Hutchinson

We want you on our team.