Bosze Salisbury Named to OSBGE

Governor Tina Kotek has appointed Associate Geologist Stephanie Bosze Salisbury to the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners (OSBGE). The three-year appointment, effective February 9, 2024, brings Salisbury’s extensive geologic expertise to a key regulatory body overseeing the practice of geology in the state.

“I appreciate the opportunities that my licensure has provided me throughout my career,” Stephanie says, “and I look forward to supporting others on their path to licensure. I also look forward to working with other geologists across the state and to building new relationships in this role.”

The OSBGE is responsible for ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of Oregonians through the public practice of geology. The OSBGE operates as a stand-alone, semi-independent board funded entirely by fee revenues rather than the Oregon State budget. It consists of four licensed geologists (including Stephanie), the State Geologist, and an unlicensed member of the public. Together, this influential committee oversees professional geologist licensing in Oregon, responds to public and professional complaints, conducts public education campaigns, fosters cooperation with related boards and commissions, attends to ethical concerns in the geology community, and coordinates with counties, cities, and registrants.

“I will be joining the board with several members that are well into their tenure, so my initial priority will be to learn the roles and responsibilities of this position and how my individual skills will best fit the board as a whole,” Stephanie says. “During the application process, several interview questions were related to equality and equity in the professional licensure process, and I hope to continue those important conversations in 2024.”

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