Committed to Change

Let’s get straight to the point. Black Lives Matter and at GeoEngineers we are 100 percent committed to working towards equality and justice for people of color and cultural minorities. At GeoEngineers, we have a goal to be the best people on Earth, and that starts with understanding and listening to others who are struggling—who have been struggling. Now is the time. Actually, it is centuries overdue. Many of us will never understand or experience what it would be like to be treated differently because of the color of your skin. Watching the video of George Floyd unjustly murdered should rattle you to your core. We need to make and be the change at GeoEngineers. To help in doing so:

  1. We will foster a psychologically safe place at GeoEngineers where we can have open conversations about race that nurture understanding.
  2. We encourage all of you to use your voice for change in ways that are most comfortable to you.
  3. We will be committed to listening, understanding, and engaging with our local communities in this work. As such, the company will match all individual employee donations up to $250 for the rest of year to organizations committed to racial justice.

Make the change. Be the change.

Michael Hutchinson, CEO

David Sauls, Chairman of the Board

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