Geo Scholarship Awarded to Seattle U Student 

GeoEngineers sponsored a scholarship through the Puget Sound Engineering and Scholarship Fund (PSE&SSF) for the second year, and Seattle University freshman Carl Christopherson is this cycle’s worthy recipient.  

The PSE&SSF is a non-profit that supports high school and college students with an interest in science and engineering. The organization runs advocacy programs and supports students through a range of scholarships and partnerships with science and engineering professionals. GeoEngineers is proud to support this mission, and we’re happy to play a small part in Carl’s academic journey.

Meet Carl

“I’m Carl Christopherson, a freshman at Seattle University working on my civil and environmental engineering bachelor’s degree. I grew up in Minneapolis and loved it but wanted a life on my own so I moved out to Seattle for school. I run track for Seattle U (my primary event is the 400m), I enjoy playing and watching soccer, I express myself creatively through drawing, painting, and Minecraft, and I am a huge music fan (especially if it’s from the 70s). Two of my future professional interests are sustainable energy and affordable housing. I really appreciate this opportunity from Geoengineers and look forward to working alongside you someday.”

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