GeoEngineers Acquires Portland-Based Cascadia Associates

GeoEngineers has acquired Cascadia Associates, LLC, a 12-person, full-service environmental consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. The acquisition deepens the combined firms’ experience and resources for tackling environmental challenges nationwide.

Cascadia oversees complex remediation sites and provides strategic environmental consulting services for a variety of commercial and industrial property owners. The talented Cascadia staff and the company’s Southwest Portland office will become part of GeoEngineers and share resources with GeoEngineers’ existing Lake Oswego, Oregon and Puget Sound-area offices.

This move is a homecoming for Cascadia owners Chris Breemer and Kurt Harrington, who both worked for GeoEngineers more than a decade ago before founding Cascadia Associates. Together with Cascadia’s third primary owner, Principal Hydrogeologist Amanda Spencer, they set out to build an environmental firm with the kind of down-to-earth values that GeoEngineers shares. Years later, we still have a lot in common with a people-first culture and commitment to client experience.

“We’ve kept an eye on Cascadia and their excellent work in Portland over the years, and we’re thrilled that our separate stories are becoming one again,” said GeoEngineers COO Lindsay Flangas. “In a way, it’s a family reunion.” 

The Cascadia team brings a wealth of experience in the Portland environmental market, including the critical and ongoing Portland Harbor Superfund site. Their knowledge of upland and waterfront environmental issues will continue to be invaluable to local clients. Now, with 300 additional environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers and natural resources specialists at their backs, GeoEngineers’ united Portland Metro team is ready to take on new challenges. 

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