GeoEngineers Announces New Principals and Associates

GeoEngineers is proud to announce promotions for four talented and deserving employees.

King Chin, PE – Principal Geotechnical Engineer
King Chin’s progression at GeoEngineers is a success story. He started at GeoEngineers as a temporary lab technician in 1998 and transitioned to full time later that year. Over the next 16 years, he progressed from lab technician to staff engineer, and now to principal engineer. He is a sought-after talent for the most difficult projects we undertake, including seismic analyses for high-rise projects, innovative shoring systems and performance-based evaluations of ground improvement projects.

Mark Miller, PE – Principal Engineer
Mark Miller is another great GeoEngineers success story. He began his career at GeoEngineers in 1996 as an intern, primarily working in the lab and then joining full time after earning his master’s degree. Mark moved from Seattle to Springfield, Missouri, to be an ambassador to what was then a new office. For the past few years, Mark has been leading our HDD group while averaging 60 hours a week, often from a drill cab at a distant project site.   

Larry Sant, PE – Associate Geotechnical Engineer
Larry Sant has spent 13 of his 15 years of experience with GeoEngineers as a geotechnical engineer. He has been involved in hundreds of design projects for a variety of transportation, utility and development clients, on structures ranging from private residences to large public and private facilities and roadways. In 2009, he moved from Spokane to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and proved to be an excellent ambassador to what was then our new office, providing top-notch project management, mentoring and staff development.

Jeanna Schmidt, PHR – Associate, Director of Human Resources
Jeanna Schmidt joined GeoEngineers 10 years ago as our lead recruiter after nine years of human resources experience at other companies. Two years ago she became GeoEngineers’ director of human resources and has provided invaluable advice on hiring, performance and legal issues. Her work is critical to the single-most important objective in our Strategic Plan—our people.

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