GeoEngineers Earns WTS Employer of the Year Award

The WTS Puget Sound Chapter recognized GeoEngineers’ ongoing commitment to women in transportation with its 2021 Large Employer of the Year Award during its annual gala on March 10.

Over the past 40 years, talented women have used GeoEngineers’ broad ownership, decentralized structure, and emphasis on diverse collaboration to carve out successful careers in a transportation engineering industry where they have been underrepresented. Their paths haven’t been easy, but today the firm looks to these successful women for leadership, both technically and ethically.

“I had the opportunity to participate in the virtual awards gala this week and felt such pride in the work that has been done by all to earn this amazing recognition by our industry colleagues,” says Lindsay Flangas.

WTS is a professional organization for women in the transportation industry, and employees like Cora Johnson and April Smith hold senior roles in several regional chapters. WTS Puget Sound’s gala has become one of the premiere transportation events in the region, and this year professionals from the major Seattle A/E/C firms still came together for a virtual Scholarship and Awards Gala.

Supporting women in transportation is more than a slogan—it is a core part of GeoEngineers. By investing in and supporting women, we are investing in our own future by dismantling the inadvertent barriers that prevent to broader inclusion of everyone in the industry. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that’s within reach if women and men from different backgrounds and ethnicities can continue to work together toward a more equitable future.

Watch GeoEngineers Accept the WTS Employer of the Year Award

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