GeoEngineers Rising Among Top 500 Design Firms

This year, GeoEngineers moved up nine spots in Engineering News-Record’s (ENR’s) annual list of the top 500 design firms in the United States by revenue. The 2019 ranking puts GeoEngineers at 217, up from 226 last year, with total billings approaching $72 million.

The decade-long growth of the U.S. design industry is still outlasting the predictions of many experts. According to ENR, firms saw overall gains in most sectors once again throughout 2018, and GeoEngineers was no exception.

ENR’s list includes a wide variety of firms that offer design services, including architectural and civil engineering firms. Geoprofessional firms like GeoEngineers, which focus on geotechnical engineering, environmental regulations and remediation and natural resource management make up only about 15 percent of the ENR Top 500 list. Of these firms, GeoEngineers ranks among the largest in the country.

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