Happy 40th Birthday, GeoEngineers

Forty years ago, on September 29, 1980, Jon Koloski, Jack Tuttle and Gary Henderson founded GeoEngineers Inc. in Bellevue, Washington. Their vision for the company was laid out in a guiding principles document that prioritized broad employee ownership, collaboration, seamless leadership transitions, quality technical work and high ethical standards. These values have remained central to the company over the years, as GeoEngineers has grown into a technically diverse engineering and earth science consulting firm with a presence in 16 states. To see more of GeoEngineers’ history, take a look at this timeline of some of the highlights from the last four decades.

Thank you to all of the employees, partners and clients who have been part of GeoEngineers’ journey over the past 40 years. We look forward to 40 more.

We want you on our team.